FAIRYBELL in de knoop

Het kan gebeuren dat een FAIRYBELL in de knoop komt te zitten, onderstaande handleiding helpt u om de FAIRYBELL weer in originele vorm en staat te krijgen. 

Instructions for untangling your Fairybell®

To untangle your Fairybell it’s best you lay your Fairybell flat on the ground.

Do NOT un-tie the LED lights from the fabric straps and do not pop open all snap buttons between the straps sections.

Step 1:

Start with the top hook, this is the top of the Fairybell. Secure this hook so that it’s anchored to the ground.

Now lay out the straps (with the lights) in a straight line, starting from the top (hook), all the way to the bottom plugs.


Step 2:

Go to the top hook and take the far right and far left strap in your hands (these are the straps you normally “close” your Fairybell with, to make it round).  It’s easier if one person stands on the right holding the right outer strap and another person stands on the left to holds the left outer strap.  Now carefully pull outwards (simultaneously) to fan out the Fairybell (flat on the ground).


Step 3:

Work from the top all the way down to the bottom of the straps, both taking the next set of outer straps and keep gently pulling and fanning out (untangling the straps with the lights).

If straps or lights/wire stay tangled just shake the sections well and they will come untangled.


After (seasonal) use, lay the Fairybell neatly and untangled (flat) on the ground and tie  ribbons around sections of the Fairybell (straps with lights) so that next season you start with an untangled Fairybell.  When placing the Fairybell back into the box, hold the top hook and lower the bottom part (plugs and elastics) first into the box and finish on top with the hook